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In 1997, DiCarlo, begins to produce displays and displays for points of sale in several stores. From the hands of a family man and his entrepreneurship, the first Dicarlo product was born. Years later, the company started to produce furniture and accessories for stores that made DiCarlo one of the most respected industries in the segment in the country.

After consolidating itself in the Store and hotel segment, DiCarlo is also increasingly consolidated in the Home segment, creating products and solutions for organizing environments and optimizing spaces. with the best cost-benefit ratio on the market, manufacturing hundreds of retail products with delivery times of up to 48 hours for some products. The family company with almost 27 years of tradition and innovation, is among the leading national brands, focusing on design, technology and quality.

Commitment toquality

Each of our pieces is produced with the same zeal and quality used at the beginning of our history. We currently have a catalog of more than 400 products, such as racks, shelves, modular furniture and a wide range of wire organizers in general.

Currently, Dicarlo generates more than a thousand direct and indirect jobs, and is present in more than 500 points of sale throughout Brazil, in addition to Latin American countries. We have a modernized industrial park, located in the city of Indaial-SC, which has an internal carpentry and metallurgical plant. Dicarlo maintains its roots with a focus on quality and innovation, always seeking to deliver the best solution in space optimization.

Factory Park modern 
and updated.

Prospection inInternational Markets.

DiCarlo has also been working towards a new incursion into the international market, consolidating all the necessary structure to carry out operations in this market.

Our objective is to increasingly promote the growth of the brand, seeking a broad and diversified positioning in relation to the current scenario of the global market.


Relatório de Transparência e Igualdade Salarial de Homens e Mulheres.

Transparencia e igualdade salarial entre homens e mulheres
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